ASIAN GROUP OF INSTITUTION & REAEARCH ORGANIZATION (AGIRO) is a prestigious group of institutions having principle place of operation at Gondia City in Maharashtra and New Delhi. The Asian Institute of Fire Safety, hereafter referred to as AIFS, is a division of AGIRO, a globally acclaimed pioneering group of institution in Education & Training. Its quality education and rich experience of its expertise in offering global, industry-linked, technology-driven variety of programs with seamless features gives AIFS a unique head start in moving closer to its stated mission. AIFS has been set up with the sole objective of providing a world-class education and conducting research in the emerging areas of knowledge society. To begin with, AIFS is focusing on the program offerings at the Post-Graduate /diploma/Certificate level. The structure, the curriculum and the delivery are all designed to impart the following attributes to the Programs : State-of-the-art curriculum Use of cutting edge technology in delivery, management and administration, Seamless with regard to structure, delivery methods and educational operations to provide flexibility for learners Research focus at all levels and across all Programs Industry linkage in curriculum design and delivery Global marketability. The top academic leadership in the country is advising AIFS, and the top corporate leadership is spearheading AIFS towards its goal of becoming an Institution of Excellence. It indeed is a place, where there is a convergence of academia and industry and where the globe shrinks. AIFS is continuously striving to achieve this goal by conducting various courses with extensive practical/technical visits and attachment training programs.